Full-Time or Part-Time? One Permanent Solution

At HireHygienist we specialize in dentistry and dentistry only.  

We know that the biggest problem most dental practices face is finding great people.  

That's where we come in...

Our direct-hire service is the best solution if you're looking to hire a permanent part-time or full-time employee for any of the following positions: dentist, hygienist, assistant, receptionist, or office manager.  

We deliver you fully-vetted, qualified candidates on a silver platter so you can make the best hire for your practice.  

HireHygienist will:

  • Find the best people with the best attitudes.
  • Do most of the heavy lifting in the hiring process: sourcing, interviewing, reference & background checks.
  • Make a recommendation on who we feel the best candidates are and why.
  • Guarantee our work (typically 30, 60, or 90 days). 

In short, we will make your life easier by doing most of the work and help improve your practice by finding better people than you otherwise could on your own.  The final decision on who you hire is always yours.

In search of a permanent solution?